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  • Welcome to Jean's website
  • Not Chosen — Women's audacity, Nov. 2016
  • Workday at the Commons — Contributing to group living, Sept. 2016
  • Thoughts on Life — Jean's musings, Spring 2016
  • Notes from Tanzania: A Short Story — Jean's travel blog from her trip to Tanzania, November 2015
  • Kaleidalings: I am morphing again. Now it's fun acrylic collages — my cut-outs on my paintings. I call them Kaleidalings because it is like looking in a kaleidascope; any way you turn them it's a painting. Most of them are quite small, 4" x 6" to 12" x 14" with two larger ones ..22" x 30".
  • Books about Exceptional Alaskans
    Jorgy: Native Alaskan Bush Pilot
    Kindle edition now available.
    Faces of Alaska: Voices Across the State
    Faces of Alaska: From Barrow to Wrangell
    Faces of Alaska: A Glimpse of History (Portraits from this book now have a permanent home and may be viewed at City Hall, Fairbanks, Alaska.)

    Visit the books page for more information...

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Side 2, Screen A

Perhaps the most exciting thing about abstract painting is the unknown. When I stand in front of the canvas I have no idea what I am going to do or preconception of how I think the painting should work out. It is a jump into the abyss with only my years of painting knowledge and raw ability to guide me.

It forces me to just have courage to go on, taking it as it comes, working it out as I go, seeing the path only one step at a time.

Featured Work: Screen A, Side 2

Please see Recent Work to view Side 1, and Sides 1 and 2 of Screen B.